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Finally visited The Humble Scoop, which I’ve been wanting to try because they have quite a few interesting local flavours. It’s a small shop in Katong Shopping Centre and they have various flavours on rotation. Sampled the flavours and decided to get the flavours: orh-be-good (pulut hitam), gam-ba-teh (earl grey milk tea) and orh haw~ (hawthorn berry). Also quite liked their mango sorbet, which tasted like a good mango pudding, and their old school chocolate, which was a really rich, dark chocolate that I’d normally go for but wasn’t in the mood haha.
Of the three flavours, my favourite was the hawthorn one because it tastes completely like hawflakes and is really refreshing as a sorbet. It’s not too sweet or creamy, so I really liked it! The other favours were quite good too. The pulut hitam ice cream doesn’t taste overly of coconut milk and the glutinous rice isn’t hard like it can be in some ice creams. It really tastes like the dessert! The earl grey one has a creamier texture, but it still has a strong tea fragrance and there are tea leaves inside. Would prefer it to be a bit less creamy, but it’s still quite nice.
Overall quite a good try! A pity that the flavours of muah chee or cereal milk weren’t available when I went bc they sound amazing!!! They update their flavours daily on their instagram so you can check it out before you go down. Will go again next time when those flavours are available!