$25 may seem a tad hefty for a classic English breakfast, but take my word when I say it’s worth every buck. You’ve got sourdough toast topped with a creamy 3-egg scramble (idk what eggs go in there I haven’t had a chance to catch Bird since 🙃), sweet roasted tomatoes, juicy and tender homemade sausage patties, bacon strips, creamed mushrooms, and a crisp garden salad. Every component is executed perfectly, each complementing the others while bringing additional layers of nuanced contrast in textures and flavours. It’s straightforward and hearty, and downright delicious. And that’s really all I desire in a good ol’ breakfast plate. They get extra brownie points for a solid salad too: great vinaigrette and crisp veggies that are definitely not just on the plate as an afterthought.

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