Braved the queue for an hour and a half past their official opening hour on their opening day to give them a try. While the Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk would work well as a sharing item across the table, this would be substantial enough for a light bite just for one. Liked how crisp the buttered bun was, while it comes lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and thousand island accompanying the pork chop in between. Liked how the pork chop was reasonably juicy, tender and had crisp edges without carrying a porky stench, while the pickles give it a zesty crunch and the thousand island providing a creamy richness to the entire item. While most Pork Chop Buns fail to create much of an impression by the end of the meal, Tsui Wah’s is done with a certain level of finesse that makes it rather memorable.