As you can see, the flaw with @paddyfolks Mentaiko Salmon Furikake Pasta ($16.90) is the obviously overfried portion of salmon. The fix is an easy one, all that needs to be done is to deep fry the salmon for about three minutes less.⠀

However, the combo of mentaiko paste, an onsen egg, and some hidden furikake made the pasta below awesomely addictive. Also, I’m almost certain that the sakura denbu that features in the tofu bowl is here as well, but the menu doesn’t seem to mention it. The condiments in the bowl mash up deliciously to deliver oodles of noodles, lubed up luxuriously by the runny, egg-splosive onsen egg.⠀

While Paddyfolks has a bit of work to do when it comes to deep frying fish, they’ve got their palatable pastas down pat.⠀

Thanks for having us, @paddyfolks & @burpple!