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Saw the table nearby ordering this set meal and it was so tempting!! 🤩 We went for this Saravana SPL Meals. (SPL = Special we guess! 🤔) Just noticed in their menu that that the set is not to be shared. We reckon that we order the Tiffin set earlier and hence we didn’t break this rule.😉
This set contains Sweet, Rice, 2 mini poori / 1 chappati, 3 types of vegetables, ‘Vathal Kuzhambu’, ‘Sambar’, ‘Rasam’, Curd, poppadom & pickles.
Vathal kuzhambu, Sambar and Rasam (tamarind base) dishes have bold flavour. ☄️ We love it to the max!! 💯 Poppadom is nice (crack & dip it with cold refreshing curd). Chappati is puffy & warm (not chewy). The set is slightly let down by overcooked rice. 🍚
💡 Believe it or not! that we will come back to this place because of this set alone. This just shows how much we love the way they cook these South Indian Vegetarian dishes!! We also ordered extra lassi $3.50 to share. 🍹 Recommend to try this place after you are done shopping in mustafa centre. (Not too far, air con, and tasty vegetarian food)
#noMSG #noreusedoil #nopreservatives 💪

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