Waited monthssss to try this Korio donuts. The donuts came highly recommended by a colleague so I thought I should check it out. Throwback to a few months back, I missed the pre order cut off timing, but still decided to go down when the stall just opened to try to see if I could get any walk in donuts order. Despite arriving early, there were no donuts available for me to get because they weren't ready / there just weren't any donuts available for walk in that day 🤷🏻‍♀️ (don't ask me why the info given at the counter was diff from the info I got from IG msging them earlier).

Ok so now back to today. Managed to order using their pre order system (web opens for pre order at 3pm for self collection / takeaway the next day onwards).

Got the white chocolate coconut with hazelnuts ($5) after reading many reviews.

After trying it, I must say it wasn't super WOW?? The donuts were nice, much like Krispy Kreme. The glaze was even better than Krispy kreme's original sugar glaze. But I thought that was just about it. There wasn't a spark which made me feel like I want to eat it again 🤭 the coconut taste was also kind of faint for me.

But with that said, if you want nice donuts, do check out this place. Nicer than places like Dunkin donut. Although I think I still prefer the normal sugar glazed Krispy Kreme (which is half the price)