This is a follow up to last review. This dinner sprung a few surprises. Had visited Kyoto but didnโ€™t have fine dining before. Hence my expectation is not high but the outcome was super delectable. From the starter (persimmon with sesame paste) and we can eat the hollowed out sweet and crunchy persimmon to dessert of chestnut ice cream in monaka sandwich, every dish is par excellent. To me two dishes stood out. The sweet and sour tilefish(lightly fried on the outside) making it crispy and yet soft on the inside. And the most surprising dish of Kyoto wagyu beef sukiyaki cos Iโ€™m not aware of beef being a part of Kyoto food. The tender beef was cooked perfectly to match the hajicha rice. Just this dish alone make me wants to go Kyoto in the near future.

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