Second time at this restaurant but first time at Kallang Wave branch. Was excited to eat it with my friends when I recognised the sign board from my first visit.

I love the salmon skin. It was crispy and so popular I saw the family next to me order just this dish and devouring it.

The signature yentafo was appetising with its sweetness and saltiness in the same bowl. I noticed that there was a change in the menu from its launch and the 9 piece became the norm and there were a lot of new rice dishes.

As a small eater, I still prefer that I can choose smaller portions from the previous menu so that I can eat more variety, such as the appetiser and especially the desserts, such as the steamed cake and coconut ice cream, which I missed the chance to eat.

Overall, I still prefer the old menu and dried yentafo. Would I miss it? Maybe once in a while when I miss Thai street food if only I pass by the shop.

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