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Ordered the wagyu Ribeye medium rare but it arrived medium-well as pictured. As with all steakhouses in Singapore they just can't get it right so I would recommend ordering rare if you want medium rare. At these prices I prefer Stirling Steak (in the East where I live), but since this funan location is near my office, it's convenient for a fuss free steak. I will say that it's really some sort of wagyu as the meat is fairly tender and umami compared to the usual hard and dry astons steak.
💡 : Be prepared for the typical Aston set up with the annoying and inefficient bottleneck at the entrance (order and pay first before getting seated) since NO ONE can decide on their order. This is one of those chains that would really benefit from a tablet order system so that indecisive customers can waste on their own time and not others.