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Though there is nothing new about incorporating Asian flavours into the humble Italian dish, DePizza’s range of fusion pizzas are pretty creative such as their Japanese-inspired Takoyaki Pizza ($26) and a unique take on a Singaporean favourite, Mala Madness ($24). The former being a hit at the table with its savoury mayo-takoyaki sauce base and generous spread of bonito flakes on their signature thin-crusted dough. The surprise chunks of octopus, squid and bacon hidden underneath the katsuobushi also blended well with thesweetness of the tonkatsu sauce. However, if you are all for the classics, the All About Them Proteins Pizza ($25) and Really Cheesy Pizza ($20) were well-received and delivered in flavour. And till the end of July, celebrate DePizza’s first anniversary with an extra #burpplebeyond deal. The 5th deal is 1-for-1 pizza AND drink, so get it while you can!