The Milkshake with Crododo Set here gets all the score it can get in terms of aesthetics, but frankly, it is far from cutting it in terms of taste. Their ‘crododo’ is their take on a croissant-donut hybrid. It was unnervingly dry and flaky in texture, and my feeling of aversion was further exacerbated by how overwhelmingly sweet the white glaze was – its taste oddly enough reminded me of a baby milk formula powder’s. Add on the fact that I chose Milo cereal puffs, M&M candies and chocolate syrup as my toppings…my God, that’s a gobsmack of sweetness. 😵

Their milkshake was similarly overbearing in that regard – to the point that the fructose in the banana and strawberries got defenestrated by the arsenal of sucrose as the latter outnumbered the former. 😖

I refuse to completely dismiss it though. Credit where it’s due – the taste does have a very winsome edge to it. I can see it vibing and resonating with the younger crowd. I mean I’ve been told once that the youth generally tend to be drawn to more distinct and pronounced flavours in their desserts, even if that means brazen sweetness. But you know what, this was just…not for me.

If anything deserves lauding, it’s their immense effort at creating a wonderland-esque atmosphere. Plenty of charming, baby pink-awash, decors embellish their two-storey premise, and they also have a play corner for parents to keep their kids amused while they enjoy the food and beverages. The more I think about it, the more I realise how closely the place resembles a dollhouse - well, except the people in them operate on free will. 😂 (6.1/10)