Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

Heard a lot of great reviews about this Cantonese dimsum place so gave it go at it’s second outlet at Chinatown Point. Ordered quite a variety but will review some of my favs from the meal.

Har Gao: Juicy and packed with fresh prawns, it also had a stock/sesame oil mixture packed within that made it even more flavorful

Steamed Seafood Roll: One of the more random items we ordered that turned out great. Stuffed with chicken, crabstick, fish maw and seafood paste. The filling was super flavorful and beancurd skin was delicate.

XLBs: More like XL XLBs once again packed to the brim with well seasoned meat but would’ve liked more soup to slurp.

Egg Tarts: If you’re lucky, they would serve you a freshly baked batch and the crust is the traditional sort that’s eggy/buttery but the custard filling was so silky and tender and still had a slight wobble to it.

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