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Wasn't a believer of the hype, but this cup ($8) was actually pretty good and easily one of the better coffees I've had in Singapore.
Unlike many popular cafes nowadays, the Arabica blend isn't the overly safe balanced kind. I like balanced coffee of course, but sometimes it feels too boring β€” and lacking a je ne sais quos. Arabica's blend possessed quite a depth of flavour: it had a mix of a deep aromatic nuttiness which was laced with traces of chocolate, and left a lingering hint of fragrant bitterness in the mouth.
They did well to balance it out with a good dose of rich milkiness, which alleviated some of the heaviness and made it really easy to drink. It also gave it a tad of balance, but not so much that it gets robbed of its full-bodied and robust personality.
$8 feels a tad steep for iced latte, but it may not be that unreasonable for a popular Japanese brand like this. If you luck into a short queue, it could be worth checking out.

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