Normally Bengawan Solo is well known for its dessert, it's quite intriquing to find that they also have Nasi Lemak up for sale. Selling at $2.50 per packet, we think It is the most affordable Nasil Lemak in SG. We always love a good nasi lemak whether it is from the premium restaurants or the highstreet hawker stalls. The 3 components we saw in this banana leaf-wrapped style are the essentials: peanuts & anchovies, chilli and fried kuhning fish. πŸ₯œπŸŒΆπŸŸ Bengawan Solo has done a great job with its sweet & spicy chilli & its crispy anchovi. Rice has good texture although not yet achieving the ideal coconut rice. Crispy anchovies and peanuts are crunchy & bountiful. The fried fish might not be crispy but you got crispy anchovies tagging along. These 3 masketeer ingredients will bring us back to be a regular here.