I can't believe it took me so long to get to it, but I finally got around to trying Word's rainbow bagel beef burger which is questionably named, the Handsome Burg.

Don't be fooled though. Last year, they may have come up with one of the worst bazaar fares with the saccharine mess that utilises the rainbow bagel (at least that's what everyone said), but this year, they've stormed in with a mean comeback.

The beef patty was actually well-seasoned and made use of ground beef, the rainbow bagel was chewy and lacks any toughness. It's topped with tartar mayo too, which I thought was a bit strange but it wasn't bad at all. Nothing to note about the curly fries though, they taste just like how they look…if that makes any sense. 😧 The price though - hooo my God. Definitely wouldn't pay $10 for what it offers, but since it's sold at the Geylang bazaar and the rental fees are exorbitant, I'm going to try and shut one eye fully for it.

In a nutshell, I'm happy to say that the rainbow bagel is no longer a monetary ruse or a fad that is worthy of shame. It is, in fact, an item that has successfully redeemed itself, rose from the ashes, and is thus worthy of esteem. (7.3/10)