Roast beef with unagi hitsumabushi ($29.50 for medium $39.50 for large). Roast beef is served medium rare and cold(as informed by the waiter). It was tasty, tender and tasted of black pepper which went well with the sweet unagi sauce. The unagi which is the main star of the shop was also equally excellent. The outer layer was crispy while the inside was soft and it was well flavoured. The soup provided was good, well seasoned and went well with the rice to give you a hearty porridge. However I still preferred my dish the way it was, with the soup separated.

With everything being so delicious, the broiled unagi which my friend ordered was really disappointing. It was bland and did not have much texture besides the softness of the meat and the countless soft bones in the meat. It was also chewier than the grilled unagi.

Overall just stick to the usual grilled unagi, try the roast beef and avoid the broiled unagi and you'll leave satisfied! Also they served green tea FOC!