Checked out Jimmy Monkey Cafe’s newest outlet at PLQ 3, which is located within the compounds of Park Place Residences at PLQ at Level One facing City Plaza and is open to public.

Whilst being known for their specialty coffee and comforting brunches at one-north, their PLQ 3 outlet serves a brand-new dinner menu.

Featuring elements such as Lemony Sumac Potatoes, Roquette-Hazelnut Pesto and Roasted Roots with the Sticky Honey Chili Sakura Pork Belly, this item may be the priciest dish on their dinner menu at S$34++, but is pretty well-portioned as “Bigger than small” plate that can work as a item to be shared at the table. The highlight here would be the pork belly; liked how the cut that they have used here comes with a good mix of lean and fatty meat that provides for some bite amidst the gelatinous fats that is melt-in-the-mouth — all drenched in their sticky honey chili that feels like a savoury sambal that is lightly sweet in its body and carrying a moderately-fiery kick that tingles the taste buds, providing a punchy flavour for the dish. The roasted root vegetables are crisp on the outside, and comes with a soft crunch; goes pretty well with the sticky honey chili, but it is the pesto that provides a refreshing and aromatic zing that takes most of the heaviness away from the sambal, fatty parts of the pork belly, and root vegetables.

Pleasantly surprised by their somewhat contemporary plates at PLQ 3 — a refreshing change from their usual brunch plates served at one-north; a quiet getaway from the hustle & bustle from the main PLQ area, though only outdoor seatings are available here.