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Ended up at Jekyll & Hyde for our 2nd round of drinks, and this place is on fire! The house was full, with Bartenders serving out drinks non stop.

We had their signature cocktails ($22) (Popikuru & Sombrero Samurai) and both were really good! The Popikuru is a cocktail with lemon juice, yuzu sake, gin, soda and frothy egg white on the top. And they served it in a Japanese tea cup! The Sombrero Samurai was awesome too. It was a mix of Tequila, Choya, lime juice, sour plum syrup, and decorated with longans and mint leaves!

This is the place to be on a Friday night! They served bespoke cocktails too and reviews are good! But prices are steep and you are pressured by the waiters to leave once you are done with your drinks as they have a constant flow of customers. So not the place to chill and chit chat, unless you are buying a couple of rounds.