The Humble Scoop is a relatively new scoop shop in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre which serves flavours with a local twist.

The oldies loved their signature orh-bee-good (or pulut hitam) ice cream.

As for me, I liked that their gam-bah-teh (or earl grey milk tea) ice cream had a strong bold Earl Grey flavour and a nice rich creamy finish.

For my 2nd scoop, I decided to be a little more adventurous with their huat lah (pineapple, lime and chilli) ice cream. It has been described on their website as a throwback to the old days when roadside fruit stall sellers will provide a huge container of dark soy sauce with cut chilli padi for you to dip your cut pineapple in. The pineapple and lime was a little mild for my liking but there was an interesting and nice fiery kick at the end of each spoonful.

@the.humblescoop is really out of the way but I will try to be back for their waffles and other flavours.