Sorry for the exception. This definitely should not be in my list of 'Best Bingsu In Singapore'.
I believe I have tried a fair number of bingsu to conclude - this is the WORSE bingsu (so far).
Definitely ranking last among all the bingsu places we have visited in SG. I thought we were well safe by ordering the store's recommended - tiramisu. So wrong. The bingsu came w thick cream piling on top, first turn-off. Despite adding a generous amount of cheese cake cubes, they were those cheap spongy type. Most importantly. The shaved ice, which cannot afford to be wrong for a good bingsu, were totally not right >.< rough, flaky, tasteless and melted instantly in the plastic bowl. Usually I could finished a bowl of Injeolmi by myself, but today, 3 of us barely touched the bottom half. Sorry but we would not be back again, for its location, price ($16 for this bowl), and most importantly the low satisfaction.

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