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Lured in by all the cookies and indulgent fillings that are piped in with syringes. You get to pick which cookie you want, and a choice of three fillings. Being indecisive, we went with the Half & Half although the Biscoff, Reeses and Pretzel Cookie bases looked amazing as well. A syringe full of Nutella was poked into the four quadrants of the cookie and ejected, before the remaining Nutella was swirled on top.

We were also eyeing the soft serve and the guy serving us suggested topping it with soft serve as “it’s very good together!!!”. After making payment, you can wait for your cookie at the small eat-in section next to the cashier. There are no seats, and only two tables, but it’s very cute and instagrammable. Don’t spend too much time instagramming or taking photos though, as the soft serve melts very very quickly (as evident from our photo).

On its own, the soft serve doesn’t really stand out as there’s not much of a distinct flavour but I found it complemented the cookie and filling extremely well. It brought out the chocolate and buttery cookie as well as Nutella taste even better. The cookies tend to be on the soft side, which are lovely and easy to eat with the tiny plastic spork. The Nutella filling wasn’t too overwhelming either, and each component of the cookie and soft serve actually shone as a sum of their parts.

I find it rather amusing that all the staff are in pretty good shape (most likely gym buffs and health-conscious individuals), but are serving such calorie-laden treats. How ironic. Anyway, as their catchphrase goes, it’s worth every calorie and I’m not denying that. Will be back to try the other flavours!