I want to commend the two dishes that we managed to have served (which were certainly more than pleasant), but the sheer atrocity of the experience we just had completely overrides all happy taste-bud thoughts. Whenever our food was served, they were on both occasions delivered to the wrong table. Then, twenty minutes after we ordered our food, the kitchen appeared to completely stop functioning. Apart from the occasional dim sum steamer and bowl of rice, absolutely no cooked food was coming out of the kitchen. During the full thirty minutes we waited after the kitchen seemed to have halted activity, the entire row of customers in our visual range had facial expressions ranging from bored Persian cat to PMS-struck lioness as they restlessly stabbed at their handphone screens.

As we made our way to the counter to pay and leave without being served the remaining items, we realised the other half of the restaurant were experiencing the same fate. I (almost) feel terrible for leaving, in manner of brave escapees from a starvation concentration camp, the happy and unsuspecting bespectacled couple freshly seated next to us, who were so blissfully engrossed in their traffic car iPhone game that they had no idea what they were in for this depressing Saturday evening.