Checked out the new Sowl Coffee at Woods Square — pretty much a godsend for folks in the Woodlands area because of the sheer lack of specialty cafe options in the area offering espresso-based coffee and pastries.

Opted for the Pain au Chocolat which was pretty decent overall — flaky and buttery with melted chocolate in between; something which works well for a good light bite with a cuppa on the side. Flat White is brewed from beans roasted by Six Four Coffee for now — a blend of beans of Colombian and Brazilian origin; carried an earthy note with a light body which is good for a slow mid-day cuppa.

For the longest time, there seems to be a void when it comes to specialty coffee places in the North — the lack of cafes in this part of the island serving up decent espresso-based coffee have pretty much gotten us used to travelling out to other areas for the cafe experience. Sowl Coffee fills up this gap perfectly; despite the lack of hot food being served due to the space it occupies, it is a pretty deserving spot for a neighbourhood that has a lack of choices — somewhere which residents in the North and the office crowd of Woods Square would certainly appreciate having in their backyard!

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