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It was quite common in countries like Msia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The man (Mr Pan) behind this delicious Sar Kay Mah had been making this since he was 14 years old, till today he had more than 30 years of experience. In order to overcome his natural weakness in his left hand, Mr Pan used his entire body strength to make the Sar Kay Mah - from kneading the dough, frying it and cutting it.
Every single step was handmade by he himself, and all these troublesome process costed him almost nine hours. Despite his hard work and making everything from scratch, his business wasn't blossoming.
It was sticky, sweet and had a strong fragrance from the sesame. How could it be not good?

潘记刹骑马, Pan Ji Cooked Food
牛车水大厦 Chinatown Complex Mkt & Food Centre, 335 Smith Street, Green Zone #02-078
Singapore 050335 * If only the younger generation gives this traditional pastry a try and more cafes and restaurants decide to this on their menu, we won't be losing such precious tradition. ** Why not a cup of long black with a small slice of Sar Kay Mah instead of a cookie? Won't it be more interesting?