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A Kagoshima style noodle house, established in 1972 in Kagoshima now available in CBD doorstep of Circular Road, Boat Quay.
P2: Signature Sanji Ramen $11.50; Noodle upsize +$2.00
Special Sanji Ramen $15.00.
Pork bone is simmered with vegetables for several hours to create its creamy & rich flavour.
Wheat noodles, sliced roast pork, boiled egg that has been marinated in soy sauce is added to the pork broth, combined with menma (bamboo shoots), kikurage (edible fungi), bean sprout, topped with thinly sliced leeks to create a perfect balance of flavour.
Adore the Clean flavoured pork broth and al dente noodle with the Boiled egg.
P3: Black Sesame Ramen $10.50. Noodle upsize +$2.00.
Special Black Sesame Ramen $14.00.
A creamy pork & chicken broth infused with black sesame, combined with wheat noodles, sliced cha-siu, bak choy, bean sprouts, shaved leeks, topped with seaweeds and boiled egg for Special Black Sesame Ramen.
Different texture and flavoured broth from the Sanji Ramen.
Adore the noodle more as requested for a harder texture.
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Menya Sanji Ramen
66 Circular Road
# 01-01
S 049420
Tel: 8386 6813 for reservations
Thank you @eiji_x_yingsi @menyasanjiboatquay for the invite & hosting; Service Team for the warm hospitality.
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