😍Wind down over the weekends with friends over hotpot! @xiaolongkan_hotpot 小龙坎originates from Cheng Du, China with the Bedok outlet being the 3rd and newest outlet in Singapore after Chinatown and Bugis Junction. Choose from a variety of delicious ingredients (Meat, Seafood and vegetables) and cook them in one of their 3 Soup Bases ( 🔥Spicy Mala, Mushroom and Tomato)🍅
⭐️Check out some of the Stuff we ate. It was overwhelmingly delicious:
▪️千层毛肚 Supreme Thousand-layered Beef Omasum
▪️极品鲜毛肚 Supreme Beef Tripes ▪️猪黄喉Supreme Pork Aorta ▪️玫瑰圆子Pork Meatball w/Rose
▪️美国肥牛 American Prime Beef Slice ▪️霸王牛肉 Hot & Spicy Beef
▪️孜然鸡肉Minced Chicken w/Cumin
▪️老虎虾Tiger Prawn
▪️墨鱼仔Mini Cuttlefish
✏️Vegetable: ▪️成都腌笋Chengdu Bamboo Shoot ▪️功夫黄瓜Cucumber Slic
▪️蔬菜拼盘Vegetable Platter
📍208D New Upper Changi Rd, #01-02/03, Singapore 464208 ( Daily 11am-6am)