Mom's Touch opened to much fanfare when it first opened because of the 1-for-1 promo it was holding. Fast forward months later, I finally decided to try it! There was a foodpanda bundle promo where a set of of a thigh burger + 2 chicken + 2 drinks cost only $10.2!

The thigh burger was much like KFC zinger, but less oily, less spicy, slightly bigger and comes with LOTS of veg (a heapppp of lettuce + few slices of olive + few slices of raw onion). The raw onion was the only thing I ate and it gave it a slightly sweet taste!

I got one spicy and one original chicken. But after trying both, I can't figure out which is the spicy one. So my advice is to get the "spicy" because it is not spicy at all 🤣

For the drinks, I was very delighted when I saw that my favourite drinks order of minute maid orange and iced Milo no need additional $!! (Haha the fast food that starts with M always charge extra lol)