this store had quite a limited range of ice creams BUT they are the classics that most people would like! super worth for 4scoops & the quality, deffo will come again 😁. ALSO i would like to say they were very generous with the scoops, thank you πŸ™

got speculoos cookies & lychee raspberry (read another burppler's comment highly recommending this so i got it) i think this combo is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. speculoos cookie wasnt too jelat, tastes like biscoff but creamier? the ice cream was smoooooth. lychee rasp was refreshing and ya these 2 rlly go well imo i ate every last bit LOL.... wld rate them tgt as a 8.5/10. would love it if there was like cookie bits in the speculoos tho but tastes good!!!!

my friend got the salted caramel and nutella smth one and she said it was nice too but not gna comment cos i only tried a mixed spoon. GO TRY!!! i recommend speculoos cookie for biscoff lovers (the taste will not be that strong but its good)