Helmed by former London's Army & Navy club chef Paul Elliot, GravyBaby's pies are legitimately British and so delicious too. Come with a close friend when times call for comfort food breakfasts and early morning cocktails (we promise no one will judge). Dig into the Lamb and Redcurrant Hotpot Pie (RM26), served warm with mash, spicy Boston beans and lots of meat gravy. On that tempting list of pies, also find the comforting Fish Pie (RM26) with piping hot pastry enfolding fresh seafood, served with minted mushy peas and a parsley liquor sauce. For drinks, don't miss the tasteful novel of Side Truck (RM36) — a mix of Bourbon, vermouth and hibiscus served in a teapot with dry ice.
Avg Price: RM50