When @safarislim asked me to join his dinner booking at @fat_fuku’s,I didn’t hesitate to say yes. What an awesome evening it turned out to be.
Annette, our dear hostess with the mostest, got our stomachs growing new stretch marks without complaint as she brought out a succession of satisfyingly shiok dishes throughout the evening. Mostly modern Peranakan, there was one Singaporean Chinese creation of “Moonlight Char Kway Teow” that showed up towards the end and the story behind the very tasty noodles tickled me so much I had to do a separate post about it.
Like on all my previous visits, dinner commenced with Annette’s signature “Crispy Mee Siam”. The crispiness game has been upped with the use of a heavy metal press (it’s the same one chefs employ in the cooking of steaks and burger patties) for the spicy noodles “pancakes”.
Next came the “Pork Belly Biryani” with its thick slices of melt-in-the-mouth meat smothered in rich buah keluak sauce atop fragrant, flavoured rice. As for the accompaniments of @uncleacharsg’s crunchy achar and the housemade sambal belachan, I guess they’re the equivalent of surprise guests you decide to welcome to a party, whom end up instigating extra crazy fun.
I can’t think of a place that serves a softer “Beef Rendang” than the one we had. The stage also belonged more to the balanced aromas of its blended spices rather than chilli heat, which meant those among us who’re unable to handle too much spiciness, could easily enjoy the Rendang too.
The “Winged Bean Salad”, another item I look forward to having each time, was as crisp, bright and complex as I remember. Totally my kind of wonderful.
However, the undisputed highlight for me was the fragrant and really appetising “Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi”. Garnished with two kinds of fresh chilli plus crispy fried shallots, it had a gravy that demanded every drop be slurped up. I am sure I could have finished that whole plate by myself.
The aforementioned “Moonlight Char Kway Teow” with “lap cheong” from Hong Kong, made its appearance at this point and after much paparazzi action, was promptly wolfed down by all.
A delectable piece of homemade “Coconut Jelly”, composed of coconut water and coconut milk, was our palate cleanser. Its minimalist beauty accentuated by a lushly painted @ongshunmugam dishware.
Then “Bingka Ubi Kayu” found its way to the table, each wedge lightly toasted to ensure it would be compelling enough to overcome any resistance from us on grounds of being too full.
Finally, when our waistbands were threatening to give up completely and leave the room, we had the very last course of homemade “Coconut Ice-cream” drizzled with gula melaka.
I think some of us didn’t eat for days after this meal. Right, @momofuku? 😂