There is probably only a small sticker at their door front which coincidentally is of a similar shade to their curtains, hence it might not be as visible at all unless you look carefully. All that aside, Kki Sweets probably has one of the most aesthetically pleasing cakes and plated desserts that you can find these days. So much so that their menu doesn’t come with any pictures, but a colour palette to “let your imagination guide your taste buds” – as quoted in their menu. With a minimum order of one cake or plated dessert per guest, and since there are three of us, we got three of their available cakes that day. Between the “J” ($13.50), Marronnier ($9.50) and Teh ($9.50), my favourite has got to be the latter. And not to frame any sorts of precedence, you should make a reservation and try it yourself so that you can let your imagination and taste buds run wild. All we can reveal is that the Teh is a dessert of earl grey, pear and hazelnut while the “J” is black sesame, yuzu and matcha, while the Marronnier contains chestnut, red fruits and cassis.
✨ Kki Sweets
📍 3 Seah Street, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188379
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