A voluminous bowl of rice topped with an onsen egg and six different ingredients - namely the Mentaiko Salmon, Wagyu Beef, Garlic Parmesan Chicken, Dak Gang Jeong, Sio Bak and Salted Egg Tempura. My favourite out of all has got to be the sous vide salmon! It was moist and flaky, and when paired with the torched mentaiko sauce, it simply melted in my mouth 🤤 The other ingredients did not pale in comparison as well, as all of them packed a punch and were incredibly tasty! My least favourite has got to be the salted egg tempura though; the vegetables (eggplant, enoki mushrooms, okra and sweet potato) were nicely fried in the tempura batter. However, the salted egg powder which was used to coat these tempura was not strong and flavourful enough and hence the tempura tasted a little boring on its own. It would have been ideal if they were to provide a dipping sauce for the tempura too.

This humongous sized bowl of don is good for sharing among two to four people. Overall, I would say that it is worth every single cent as not only is the portion generous, it's quality food that you're getting at a coffeeshop! 🙌🏼😋