This is not your traditional Nasi Lemak that comes with ikan Kuning, ikan bilis, peanuts and fried egg. This stall along Clement Road opens until late into the night, feeds the hordes of hungry NUS students with comfort food. You can choose from a huge variety of add on from the ubiquitous chicken wing to the exotic teriyaki chicken and grilled Saba fish, fried brinjal, Sotong balls, braised pork etc. Looks more like a Cai Png stall than a Nasi lemak stall. But this is nice for those who wants Nasi lemak with lots of other stuff. Their chilli which is sweet with not too much heat, goes well with the fragrant coconut milk infused rice.

Worth returning to even if just to try out what other add ons taste like with coconut milk rice.

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