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The thing about greasy fast food, is that most of the times no one gives a crap about making the components from scratch. It’s more about finding the right supplier, frying everything then dishing it up; not a whole lot of originality there. Doesn’t mean it ain’t good, just that it’s a lot harder to stand out. But the fact is not every supplier offers the same kinda fries, and obviously not all cheese sauces are equal. I, for one, am not a fan of CHIPPY’s nacho cheese, nor all cinema nacho cheese sauces that has too much of a commercial kinda flavour and a strong underlying sweetness. But I do fancy myself some KFC cheese fries. And as far as cheese fries go, I gotta say that Chix Hot Chicken does a CRAZY mean one. Cheese sauce is GREAT, not overly ‘fake’ if you get what I mean, and is generously ladled over a bed of super tasty and fluffy fries. They’re REALLY fluffy, more thick than your average ones, and really well-seasoned — so so important. “Yeah sure but these are just fries,” you say. Never underestimate the role of fries in a fast food meal mate. Anyhoo, Chix Hot Chicken’s FINALLY getting takeaways and deliveries done! So you guys know where to go if em fast food cravings hit 😘

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