With the border closure, don’t you guys have mad cravings for your favourite JB street food - Lok Lok? Fret not as @yummy.singapore is here to keep your Lok Lok cravings at bay! Newly opened in September, @yummy.singapore specialises in serving Lok Lok and Satay.

They boast a wide range of selection, ranging from the Lok Lok classics to yakitori to animal innards, at $1 per stick. Their skewers are garnished with a special house-made black sauce that’s both sweet and savoury.

On the side, there are a few house-made sauces to go with the Lok Lok: Red Chilli, Black Chilli, Sweet Thai Chilli and Satay Sauce. My favourite is the sweet thai chilli! The sweet and spicy combination goes really well with the skewers.

I really love the mushrooms as they were grilled perfectly - juicy, tender and succulent! Their grilled broccoli was very tasty too especially after drizzling with the special black sauce. Also, the damn cheesy cheese tofu is not to be missed! Hurry hit @yummy.singapore up for some late night snacks with your friends and families! They are available for both dine-in and delivery!