Yee Cheong Yuen used to be a place that my family would regularly patronise during our growing up years for their Ipoh horfun and silky chicken .

Although the ownership has changed hands, I’d still like to come by once in a while and reminisce the old times. For a change , I opted for the chicken Claypot rice with salted fish , Chinese sausages and braised mushrooms.

The rice was cooked well - with a good firm bite and the chicken parts were marinated well. It is a kind of one pot dish that my mum used to enjoy making. Rather than a Claypot rice, I would like to call this a steamed rice in casserole because it is definitely different from the smoky flavoured Claypot rice. This was more like a dainty steamed pot Rice . No charred crispy rice with a charred smell and no dark and thick black sauce - what is replaced is good quality rice and Fresh chicken parts ( kampung chicken ) cooked atop a stove and some good superior soy sauce.

I kind of liked this version because it was definitely less “ heaty” and less greasy than the usual Claypot rice. The use of fragrant salted fish also helps to add good flavour to “ Claypot” rice .

Pretty enjoyable and good to share between 2 .

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