[Muslim Owned] I’m a simple person. I see shakshouka, I order shakshouka! 🤫

No but seriously, this is one of those dishes that is good to have at any part of the day. Alto Café’s Shakshouka doesn’t stray far off from what makes it already great, but it is evidently tailored for people who love spicy food because when I say I was soaked in beads of perspiration after this… 🤣

It is flavourful, savoury, and tart enough to make your lips pucker. And it’s garnished with some cilantro and feta cheese. Of course, not forgetting the staple onsen/poached egg that is nestled in the centre of the dish. This was all in all a great dish.

You get three pieces of toasted sourdough, which you can dip with the stew. Otherwise, they make for great balms from the spiciness. It dials down the heat by quite a bit…at least speaking from a purely personal experience! 😅 (7.5/10)

P.S. This outlet of Alto Café closes at 5pm daily!

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