This post begins with a caveat that I ate this at 8pm, so the quality of the meats is expected to drop. With that being said, the danggui duck was really a steal at its price point. Superbly juicy and flavourful, it's a pity some pieces were a little dry. However, I wouldn't doubt that a few hours ago, the skin could very well been crispy. The char siew was also glistening with soft fat, though it wasn't greasy. It has a distinct flavour that I could get used to and I imagine some people would really dig it. The sauce on the rice has a strong fermented soybean sauce presence, making it very savoury to balance out the sweet notes of the char siew and duck. Finally, it's a miracle that the roast pork still maintained that biscuit skin even at this hour. Even though the muscle is slightly dry, the great marbling more than made up for it.

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