Decent thai milk tea starting at $3.20 per cup.

They sell flavours like ovaltine milk tea, or rose (bandung) thai milk tea. But I heard the bandung is the worst. The thai milk tea tastes pretty decent, like every other thai milk tea I've tried. It's definitely sweet, but not overly sweet. The tea aroma is pretty strong and can be tasted distinctively. They don't put too much ice into the cup, so you do get a decent portion to drink.

But the location, isn't fantastically convenient, you have to walk across Novena mrt to get to Novena agency, just for thai milk tea. But they also sell macarons.

There's indoor seating for like 6 people, with lawn/outdoor tables and chairs.

I would recommend coming to this place after you've had a meal at Novena regency to get some smooth and cooling thai milk tea. :)