Back at Sumo Bar Happy! They didn’t have this the last time I was there and I’m a sucker for cold noodles, so little surprise that I ended up with this. A basket full of deep-fried goodness and a refreshing bowl of yuzu noodles definitely put a huge smile on my face, don’t even get me started on their tempura onsen egg. 😛

The tempura batter was light and wasn’t greasy, but hot damn, was their salmon fillets done to perfection. Crispy batter on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, I’m salivating thinking about the aromatic fish oils that oozed out as I bit into it. The noodles were great too, refreshing and thick with a satisfying bite. Break open the oozy egg to mix into the noodles, or just pop the whole fried package into your mouth. I would have thought it’s a no-brainer getting their Sumo Ramen, but this just made decisions that much harder!