Burpplers working in the One City vicinity, here's a spanking new spot to satiate your local food cravings! Malay weave rattan paintings and vibrant blue and pink furniture make this a quaint location for both team lunches and after-work dinners. Malaysian classics are the draw here, with a scrumptious Curry Laksa (RM13.90) at the top of the list. Upping the noodle dish is its light and spicy broth, chock-full of tau fu pok, mussels and fried dumplings. When it comes to rice, Bibisik does a soulful, satisfying Nasi Ayam Stim (RM11.90). If the day is long and you need a pick-me-up to fuel you on, come by for their tea sets! The Set Nadiah (RM4.90) comes with a warming local drink (tea or coffee) and Roti Kahwin Mak Bibi — the Malay moniker for kaya butter toast.
Avg price per person: RM15