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Nestled in a quiet Namly neighbourhood is this lovely new Italian restaurant. We visited on a Saturday night without a reservation but thankfully they weren’t super packed that day (it’s usually pretty crowded on weekend nights!).

The mark of really good carbonara is when it’s not overly creamy, but still able to impart a luxurious mouthfeel - this is exactly what AMANO managed to achieve. The pasta was al dente, and it was perfect with the bacon in egg yolk-pecorino cheese sauce. The portion size might look small, but it was satisfying. There’s the option to add on meat into the pastas, but I just went with the classic bacon carbonara combination.

The chef isn’t italian, but this is some really good Italian food in a beautiful setting, with swift service, attentive and friendly staff. I will definitely be back to try the other pastas and pizzas, and to make use of the other BB 1-for-1 offers!