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Do not recommend.

1. The service was beyond terrible. Literally, the female middle-age staff kept SHOUTING at us for our orders.

2. Since the 1 for 1 is for the founder bkt set, she claimed that “that set is sold out”. Then I said okay, we’ll leave then because that’s what we wanted. Suddenly she came back with “we have it. You MUST order a more expensive set to get the founder’s set for free.” We had no other choice and ordered it instead.

3. The soup was to salty and meat was too tough. I wouldn’t recommend it for the food’s quality too. It’s a tourist place.

The other younger male staff are friendlier and kinder. Crazy middle aged woman kept screaming at the younger male staff and another older male staff. What a disappointment.

Wa I didn't had this experience th e last time I was there. Should have took a photo of the lady and get her fired.
Maybe she was having a bad day. I was with guests visiting Singapore for the first time and it really left a bad image on Singapore. She also screamed at her colleagues! I felt really bad for them.
Should have brought ur guest to visit song fa bak kut teh instead. Service and food quality were always consistent.