Good food comes in categories. One is how it's so good you forgive the suffering it causes you. Despite the usual lack of queue here, the wait is insane. It almost erased my goodwill from my first visit. Then this arrived. I thought my creamy chicken was a one-off, but even something common like sambal beef was unique here. The sauce was rich, unlike some diluted ones, yet complex, unlike some either spicy or salty. The meat was large, tender slices. Strong wok hei again. Not only did the goodness excuse the wait, the uniqueness distracted me from it. The female stallholder is Viet, I can't tell is the male cook local, but this is not your usual zichar. The one-dish meals arrive so confident. Just one large serving of your choice and plain rice. Nothing fancy. This zichar cannot compete with the full-menu brands, but I'm tempted to say it's the best zichar with one-dish meals.

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