@tanyu_sg, 一万年前就烤鱼,一万年后吃探鱼!

Tanyu specialises in grilled Fish over 70 major cities in China with more than 300+ outlets.

8 Dec 2017, they lay their first nest in Singapore. In order to cater the diverse taste of local Singaporeans, they make use of variety cooking methods and offers 12 kinds of flavours for its Grilled Fish, such as sweet, savory spicy, salted, roasted etc.

Here's our first attempt dishes:

🐟Grilled Fish with Green Pepper
With Qingjiang Fish($49.90)

Fish options available:
🐟Seabass Fish($42.90)
🐟Limbo Fish Fillet($42.90)
🐟Limbo Fish($46.90)

🥔Golden Combination($13.80)
(Golden mushroom, lotus root,potato, crab sticks or Luncheon meat)

🦞Baby Lobster with Perilla ($28.80)
🍖Grilled Lamb Skewers(3-$6.90)
🥟Roasted Scallop(1-$3.90)
🍚Soy Sauce Rice w Cheese($8.80)
🥤Thunder Grape Drink ($5.20)

⚠️Reservation📲 is highly recommended as I've seen the crazy crowd myself!

If you feel unsafe to dine-out, check out their delivery 🚛link;
💻: https://inline.app/order/Tanyu

🐟Tan Yu🐟:
📍[email protected] B3-30/31/32
📍Westgate Mall B1-01/02
📍Bugis Junction 02-45