Severely understaffed team that compromises on the experience, even though they're doing their best individually. But this issue is completely forgiven when the food came

I'm trying hard to recall but I believe this is the best roasted duck I've had, if I preclude Peking duck. Shatteringly crisp skin, very well marinated and tender meat, and the spices used were absolutely tantalising. It's so different from the norm, yet it's super easy to love. The sauce was also clean yet unabashedly savoury. Stunning, worth a trip(and 30mins in queue for. Idk if you can reserve but somehow there's a very annoying queue, made worse by the fact that many groups have an inconsiderate leisurely conversation while others are still waiting for their table. Two groups in particular were almost done WHILE WE STARTED QUEUEING, and were still talking when we left. Absolutely incredible)

Overall, the food makes up for the experience but it's by no means an easy carry. Been watching hell's kitchen and this is a classic case of one SS chef carrying the entire team of B grade chefs