Salted Egg Calamari ($12). Been wanting to try this since it was so close to NUS, finally did last Saturday after I attended an even at one-north. Was excited to have it but it turned out just okay. Too sweet and creamy, plus the cut chili barely added heat to the dish. Squid was clearly not fresh and the batter used was very poor too. Lastly, there was a long strand of hair stuck in two rings of squid:/ Well, it's not like I was in a fancy restaurant so I didn't make a fuss, the uncle saw us trying to pull it off though and he took it back. He returned quickly, and it was obvious that they just removed the two aforementioned pieces. Hah. They got my bro's order wrong too and we had to pay more cos we were given a bigger dish, but I guess the confusion lies in the fact that we can't speak a Mandarin and the uncle couldn't speak English.