ABSOLUTELY AMAZED 🫶🏻 our bellies r soo happy rn!!! ordered the spicy & fragrant chicken pot & had a one for one house special chicken (black sauce, a little sweet). both pots were $25.80++ before discount for regular sized. spice level also customizable for both - none, mild, medium, high. we ordered non-spicy for the house special & medium spicy for the spicy & fragrant pots. would say their spice level accurately matches what one wld expect a 中辣 to be. they were generous w the chicken (v tender)! flavours were super bomb. we requested our add ons (side dishes) to be put separately so we could do it hotpot style too.

UPDATE: returned 3 weeks later and suddenly the price of their pots became $32.80++???? that is a $7 inflation... food quality & quantity is still there but for this big a price jump, it's kinda off-putting & the pot is only worth if you have burpple one for one and even then you could probably find cheaper options that are just as good around 🫠🫠🫠