Chilled salmon soba was refreshing with tangy sauce, edamame, cherry tomato and mushrooms. The sour flavour was delightful and increased appetite in the hot weather.

Iced latte was robust, strong and aromatic. Definitely a pick me up after dinner.

Setting was modern, clean geometric shapes and industrial styled tables and floor and feature wall made the place feel like home in this friendly Neighbourhood shop.

Areas for improvement
1. Estimating portions- grain bowl was out at dinner time
2. Sugar syrup for iced latte- I was offered fine sugar for iced latte, which obviously cannot dissolve. When asked if it would work, I was given a puzzled look.
3. cooking time aglio olio- soba was out way earlier and 20 minutes was spent cooking the aglio olio. By the arrival of the food, I have finished eating my dinner and my poor partner had to watch me eat in hunger
4. SMOKE- was a major major concern that could stop me from going back. The kitchen's smoke was stinging our eyes. It also made our clothes and hair really smelly at the end of the meal. This could be uncomfortable to some who are going out after eating in.

With all these said, I would come back again if the smoke problem is solved.