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Would totally choose this bowl of curry chicken noodle over laksa any day 👌
Opted for the $5 portion and was rewarded with a warm bowl brimming with tender slices of steamed chicken, fish maw (YES), fishcakes, potato chunks, cockles, and beansprouts. The star of this dish is definitely the fluffy taupok which soaks up all the goodness and oozes with every bite.
The picture accurately depicts how rich the curry is. Infused with mild curry spices, the gravy wasn't overwhelming at all! The generosity of ingredients and savouriness of the curry is the perfect combination which made me slurp the bowl up with relish.
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 8 ants
💰Value: 9 ants
📍Convenience: 7.5 ants

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